Chiesa e Convento dei Tolentini

On the occasion of the famous sack which was inflicted on Rome by the armies of Charles V, the Regolari Teatini clerics, whose order was founded in that city in 1524 by Giovanni Pietro Caraffa, who later became Pope Paul IV, and by S. Gaetano da Thiene, sought refuge in Venice. at first they lived in the Hospital for Incurables, then in the Giudecca, then the Abbey of St. Gregory and finally, having obtained an oratory, built by a devout brotherhood in 1505 to the glory of S. Nicolò da Tolentino in the parish of S. Pantaleone, they established themselves there in1528. In 1591 they began to enlarge it and to build a convent nearby, entrusting both works to the architect Scamozzi. The temple, which was large and beautiful, was consecrated on the 20th October 1602 by the Patriarch of Venice, Matteo Zane, with the ancient title of S. Nicolò da Tolentino, which then became known as “dei Tolentini”. The magnificent vestibule was added by Andrea Tirali, who modelled it on the temple of Antonino and Faustina in Rome. In 1810, the convent was made into a barracks, and the church declared itself parochial, taking as its parish the greater part of the suppressed parish of S. Croce and some parts of those of S. Margarita and S. Pantalon.

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