Venice Carnival

We’re about to take you on a tour of Venice throughout the centuries. You will discover through history and culture how the Carnival used to be celebrated and how it is celebrated today in a city like Venice. The site splits into two sections at this point – the old carnival and the new.

Immagine Antico CarnevaleIn the old carnival section, we’ve endeavored to recreate the atmosphere of the carnival as it was lived under the Serenissima Republic, including some hitherto unpublished details. You will see how this wonderful event was lived and how the Venetians spent their days, how they dressed, how they ate and how they enjoyed themselves.

Immagine nuovo carnevaleThe new carnival section provides you with a proper guide to the city, helping you organize your own carnival time (real or virtual). We will enable you to better plan your trip by pointing out places of interest and giving details of the main events happening in Venice. There are a broad range of services to choose from (hotels, restaurants, specialist shops, public transport) and we’ve included details on a geographical basis of what is happening in each “Sestiere” (or area of town). We hope this will help you have an unforgettable trip visiting the places where the carnival is typically celebrated around Venice. Often you will find cross-references between the two sections where we’ve tried to show you the substantial differences between the old and the new way of celebrating the carnival. Now it’s your turn to decide, so don your mask, and enjoy yourself!


The Ancient Carnival

La stagion del Carnovaletutto il Mondo fa cambiar.Chi sta bene e chi sta maleCarnevale fa rallegrar. Chi ha denari se li spende;chi non ne ha ne vuol trovar;e s'impegna, e poi si vende,per andarsi a sollazzar. Qua la moglie e là il...

The New Carnival

You will live in a new dimension, spending crazy days and transgressive Venetian nights... You can find all the information you need ... You will get to know this city and will be abe to live YOUR carnival freely. You'll have acces to a map...